You can purple-ize your iPhone!

I have a very old phone because I’m not very techie. My dd programmed my address book in my flip phone and I avoid using it because I don’t know how to access it.  lol

My old flip phone is purple…VERY purple.  My phone has a hard time holding battery charge so I’m sure I’ll be looking for a new phone sometime soon.  Unfortunately, most new phones are smart phones, but they are not smart enough to come in purple.  But that’s not the only issue I have with the smart phones.

My dh and dd have an iPhone.  These phones are rather heavy and wide–too wide for my small hands to hold comfortably.  My dh uses his all the time to look things up on the web. My dd updates Facebook from her iPhone.  What I noticed most about these new fangled and highly digital iPhones is that if you want to purple-ize them, you have to buy a skin that makes the phone even thicker…until now!

Surfing around on the internet for new purple things, I found this iPhone case called Violet Purple Barely There Slim Case.  Isn’t it grape?  Here‘s where I found it, in case you are an iPhone user and want to purple-ize it.  I don’t know anything about this site so do your own research before you order.

Now you can have an even GRAPER Day!