Where’s my purple?

Okay everyone. I admit it. I’m grapely delayed in my purple duties here at For the Love of Purple.com.  I just plum ran out of time the past few weeks.  I’m working on some special projects over at Art of Eloquence.com so I’ve been a bit distracted.

Here’s what I’ve got planned, though, for the blog site here.

1. I’m working on getting some new purple products to review for you.  But if you have tried a purple product and loved it or hated it, please write in! I’d love to have you guest blog for me here one week.  That includes if you have a purple product that you sell or a grape website!

2. I’m working on the Plumeria video.  I promise it’ll be out this week.

3. I’m also planning to finally get my book, Purpleizing for Pennies, out sometime soon.  Look for that available on Amazon perhaps in time for Christmas.

4. I’m looking for more purple sayings, quotes and items to be included on our FLP Official Purple Things page.  If you have one that should be included, please write in or post here.

Have a Grape Day!